Splitter Install Instructions

To install extensions: Estimated install time 1-2hrs

  1. Raise the front (ramps or jacks)
  2. Clamp splitter to bumper from the wheel well (move fender liner aside)
  3. Drill 6x 8mm hole following the existing holes as a guide
  4. (Optional but highly recommended) Remove splitter and Rivnut 6x M6 rivnuts, this will facilitate an easier install and reinstall
  5. Install a bolt with the assembly order of bolt, washer, spacer this is to prevent over compression of the foam core. Use a washer with every nut if not using rivnuts
For full undertrays, we recommend using rivnuts as well as at least one pair of our chassis mount kit
  1. To install splitter chassis mount rods:Select your chassis mounting points, we recommend choosing 2 points facing forward and two points facing sideways. This ensures stability in both axis to movement. We recommend picking mounting points on the splitter as close as possible to the bumper insides.
  2. Follow the same steps and clamp the bumper and splitter from the wheel well
  3. Measure the distance from the side mounts to the splitter, keep the mounting points aligned
  4. Remove splitter and bumper
  5. Mark bumper inside on splitter for a guide
  6. Drill holes on splitter to attach aluminium brackets, offset for thickness, cut in half if installing large splitter tunnels.
  7. Adjust splitter rods to measured length including brackets
  8. Install splitter rods and splitter without bumper
  9. Measure distance from centre mounts to splitter.
  10. Drill holes and attach front brackets ensuring enough clearance for the bumper. We recommend rivnutting these mounts for easier access from below.
  11. Attach splitter rods and mount splitter
  12. Reattach bumper, for none universal splitters (car specific) you may find the bumper will not be easily refitted. Undo the front mounting brackets from below and/or the sides. Reinstall bumper, reinstall splitter.
  13. Measure the angle of attack and adjust splitter rods if necessary aiming for a 0-3 AOA
Expected install time 2-4hrs